workshop, parent and child holding book laughing together

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The Claneil Foundation recognizes that societal change takes much longer than a single grant period.  While Community Fund grantees can return to the Claneil Foundation for funding, grantees in other Foundation grant programs do not have this option. In order to provide an opportunity for grantees in these “other” grant programs to seek additional funding, the Claneil Foundation developed The Partnership Fund.

Organizations that have received funding within the past 10 years from any of the following grant programs are eligible to submit letters of intent:

  • Emerging Leaders Fund
  • Critical Issue Fund
  • Partnership Fund
  • Special Project Fund (former grant program)
  • Proactive Grant Program (former grant program)

The Partnership Fund supports past grantees (from the grant programs listed above) who, in their continuing evolution, are initiating organization-wide change to increase their impact.  The impetus for the change should be driven by the voices of those closest to the issues the organization seeks to address.  Please note that this grant program does not fund changes in internal structures such as leadership transitions.  The Partnership Fund awards $165,000 in general operating grants disbursed over three years. (Annual $55,000 funding disbursements to grantee organizations are determined based on performance demonstrated in yearly reporting.) In addition, each grantee organization has access to $10,000 in professional development/wellness funds to support the executive director and/or organization.

Please note: if a deadline falls on a weekend, please submit by the following business day. 

  • Online LOI Submissions: April 30 - June 1.
  • Application Invitation Notification: July 15
  • Application Deadline (for invited applicants): August 15
  • Grant Award Notification: November 15
  • Please contact Andrea Bretting at if you have any questions. 



Current and Previous Partnership Fund Grantees


Center for EcoTechnology (2022): Center for EcoTechnology supports people and businesses in the waste and building sectors to transition to a carbon-free future. The organization received a Partnership Fund grant to invest in staff, organizational infrastructure and technology to increase equity internally and externally. 

Equity Trust (2022): Equity Trust promotes socially equitable forms of property ownership and economics based on principles of social justice and environmental sustainability. The organization received a Partnership Fund grant to rebuild programs, staffing, organizational structure and policies to address structural racism and inequity of resources in land reform and access to property.

ioby (2022): ioby mobilizes neighbors who have good ideas to become powerful civic leaders who plan, fund, and make positive change in their own communities.  The organization received a Partnership Fund grant to rebuild and launch the organization’s new technology platform and expand its fiscal sponsorship services.     

Real Food Generation (2022): Real Food Generation (fiscally sponsored by The Alliance for Global Justice) operates at the intersection of youth organizing and food sovereignty to sustain the earth, livelihoods and cultures. The organization received a Partnership Fund grant to integrate farmers, especially BIPOC farmers, into its organizing model and to ensure that these producers are equipped to enter the institutional markets that campus organizing is opening.

The Food Trust (2022): The Food Trust works with communities, institutions, farmers and policy makers to ensure delicious, nutritious food for all. The organization received a Partnership Fund grant to integrate asset-based community development approaches to build and strengthen community participation and cross-sector partnerships.

Women’s Voices for the Earth (2022): WVE drives action towards a toxic-free future rooted in gender justice alongside those historically and presently ignored by the environmental health movement by leveraging an intersectional solidarity approach based on expertise in research, advocacy and organizing. The organization received a Partnership Fund grant to broaden its vision and mission, and leverage transformational internal work to support and scale the external work of change-making.


FoodCorps (2021): Together with communities, FoodCorps connects kids to healthy food in school so that every child—regardless of race, place, or class—gets the nourishment they need to thrive. 

GreenWave (2021): GreenWave trains and supports ocean farmers in the era of climate change.

Intervale Center (2021): The Partnership Fund supports the work of a new joint venture between the Intervale Center, Food Connects, the Center for an Agricultural Economy and Green Mountain Farm-to-School to establish the Vermont Food Hub Collaborative for the purpose of developing the Vermont Way Foods™ brand.

StreetCred (2021): StreetCred improves health and well-being by helping families build assets and access evidence-based government programs to reduce poverty and improve life trajectories for vulnerable youth.


CommonWealth Kitchen (2020): CommonWealth Kitchen aims to build a new food economy grounded in racial, social and economic justice.  

Found in Translation (2020): Found in Translation gives low-income bilingual women an opportunity to achieve economic security through the use of their language skills, and to reduce racial, ethnic, and linguistic disparities in health care by unleashing bilingual talent into the workforce. 

National Young Farmers Coalition (2020): The National Young Farmers Coalition serves as a grassroots network of beginning farmers, ranchers, and supporters working together towards a brighter, more equitable future for U.S. agriculture.

Springboard Collaborative (2020): Springboard Collaborative coaches teachers and low-income parents to help kids learn to read by fourth grade.


Health Leads (2019): Health Leads partners with communities and health systems to address systemic causes of inequity and disease by removing barriers that keep people from identifying, accessing, and choosing the resources everyone needs to be healthy.

Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance (MANNA) (2019): MANNA uses nutrition to improve health for people with serious illnesses who need nourishment to heal.

Reach Education, Inc. (2019): Reach Education develops grade-level readers and confident leaders by preparing teens to serve as tutors and role models for younger students, resulting in improved outcomes for both. 

Red Tomato (2019): Red Tomato creates opportunities for farmers to become primary suppliers of a sustainable regional food system. 


Corporate Accountability (2018): Corporate Accountability stops transnational corporations from devastating democracy, trampling human rights, and destroying the planet.

ioby (2018): ioby mobilizes neighbors to become powerful citizen leaders who plan, fund, and make positive change in their own neighborhoods.

New Entry Sustainable Farming Project (2018): New Entry Sustainable Farming Project aims to create a sustainable food system by training next generation farmers capable of supplying healthy food to all of the people of New England and ultimately throughout the U.S.

Riverkeeper, Inc. (2018): Riverkeeper’s mission is to ensure a Hudson River teeming with life, flowing with clean, swimmable waters from end to end, and healthy, abundant drinking water for all New Yorkers.

Women's Voices for the Earth (2018): Women's Voices for the Earth amplifies women’s voices to eliminate the toxic chemicals that harm people's health and communities. 


Environmental Health Project (2017): Environmental Health Project (EHP)'s mission is to respond to individuals’ and communities’ need for accurate, timely and trusted public health information and services associated with natural gas extraction. 

The Full Frame Initiative (2017): The Full Frame Initiative (FFI) partners with pioneering community organizations, government systems and communities across the country to demonstrate the power of shifting focus from fixing problems to fostering wellbeing – the needs and experiences essential for health and hope--improving outcomes and opening the door for greater equity. 

Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (2017): Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA)’s mission is to build a fishermen-led broad movement toward healthy fisheries and fishing communities.

Real Food Challenge (2017): Real Food Challenge’s mission is to leverage the power of youth and universities to create a healthy, fair and green food system.