Founded in 2001, The Campus Kitchens Project exists on campuses nationwide. At Campus Kitchens, student leaders are teaming up with their university administration, community nonprofits, and dining services to build a more sustainable approach to addressing food waste on campus. Each Campus Kitchen has a few things in common, including a mission to recycle food, provide meals, educate and engage with the community, and provide leadership opportunities for students. The Campus Kitchen model is based on a few resources available in any community: donated food, shared kitchen space and students who want to make a difference. Claneil funding in 2016 helped in the development of The Campus Kitchen Cookbook: A Best Practice Guide for Using Food Donation. Continued funding from the Critical Issue Fund will enhance student leadership, networking and skill-building in order to firmly establish the Campus Kitchens program on campuses and advance local community partnerships in the Foundation’s geographic target area.


Past Critical Issue Fund Grant:
$60,000 (2016)

 Photo credit: Campus Kitchens Project

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