Philadelphia Orchard Project (POP) (2018)

The Philadelphia Orchard Project (POP) seeks to develop a more sustainable, equitable, and ethical local food system. Currently, POP works with community groups and volunteers to plant and maintain close to 60 orchards filled with useful and edible plants. These urban orchards are planted almost exclusively in low-wealth neighborhoods, and are owned, maintained, and harvested by their respective community organization. POP also provides design assistance, plant materials, and training in orchard care to community volunteers, schools and other organizations. From planting events to community work days to harvest festivals, POP and its partners seek to build beautiful, productive community-centered spaces help to promote neighborhood self-reliance, community pride and resilience. POP’s newest program, the School Orchard Program, provides support to 12 school sites in orchard care. Students learn about soil, pollination, and botany and other related topics through a series of orchard-based lesson plans developed and delivered by POP staff.

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